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Event Calendar

Year: 2019

1January, 2019
Jan 24 Partner Event. The opening Art exhibition and reception "Russian Winter 2019"
Jan 28 Partner Event. Flying Banana theatre presents Concert for Kidz Live
Feb 02 2019 Annual Burns Supper
Feb 06 Charity concert in support of Lubov Zolotova
Feb 07 Shareholders and Directors Lunch
Feb 20 Charity concert at the British Ambassador's Residence
Mar 17 Irish week for kids. THE HAPPY PRINCE by Oscar Wilde
Mar 21 Shareholders and Directors Lunch: Fixed Income Investing
Mar 27 Update from the President: Spring 2019
Mar 30 Partner Event: The Spring Charity Ball
Apr 02 Partner Event: Jesus Christ Superstar, Rock Opera in St. Andrew's Church
Apr 10 Taganka Children's Fund Bowling Tournament
Apr 11 New Zealand in a Glass
Apr 22 Shareholders' and Directors' Lunch hosted by Anatoly Karpov
Apr 22 Partner Event. Flying Banana theatre presents "The Happy Prince"
Apr 24 Pre-May Holiday Champagne
Apr 26 IN MEMORY of David Morley
May 18 Partner Event. Flying Banana Children’s theatre presents Farewell to Tiger and Mog
May 23 Shareholders' and Directors' Lunch with guest speaker, Sergey Podstanitsky, historian, art expert
May 25 Moscow River Voyage and Dinner
Jun 06 Silent Auction in aid of the St. Andrew's Restoration Fund
Jun 08 Partner Event. British Football School Charity Day @Lokomotiv
Jun 09 CERBA-ВВС Summer BBQ and Lobsterfest
Jun 15 The St Andrew’s Village Fete 2019
Jun 22 Partner Event. Flying Banana and Brookes Moscow present "The Happy Prince"
Jun 27 Shareholders' and Directors' Lunch
Jul 18 Shareholders' and Directors' Lunch "Expat Talk - Expats in Russia Then and Now"
Jul 23 RBCC Business Seminar with the Moscow City Government
Aug 13 BBC Summer Pub Night and Networking
Aug 22 Shareholders' and Directors' Lunch "Lada 2.0 The Renaissance of AVTOVAZ"
Aug 31 PARTNER EVENT: The Charity Music Festival
Sep 05 Update from the President: Autumn 2019
Sep 06 Autumn 2019 with the BBC
Sep 10 Back to Work Autumn Networking and Drink Reception
Sep 17 Philly Cheese Steak, Gourmet Fries, and Beer
Sep 26 Shareholders' and Directors' Lunch with speaker Mark Robertson, CEO Corixa
Sep 28 Partner Event. Flying Banana theatre presents "The Happy Prince"
Oct 03 Robotic process automation for improving your business efficiency
Oct 04 RBCC RussiaTALK Investment Forum
Oct 06 Sunday Carvery @Ambassador’s Residence
Oct 11 Partner Event. Discover Mauritius with Us
Oct 17 Shareholders' and Directors' Lunch: The Law of Brexit
Oct 25 Autumn and Winter 2019 with the British Business Club
Oct 31 Brexit Yelloween @Audi City with Veuve Clicquot and Glenmorangie
Nov 02 NY Marathon of Vladimir Poddubko in support of Life in Motion Charity Fund. Need your help!
Nov 08 Russian Art Gallery. Personal exhibition of Ekaterina Vyazemskaya
Nov 09 Partner event: Flying Banana presents: 👻The Canterville Ghost👻, 📣November 9, 17.00 📍Brookes Moscow
Nov 12 Spice Night with Moet Hennessy @Hyatt Petrovsky Park
Nov 27 Partner Event. Discover Mauritius with Us
Nov 28 Shareholders' and Directors' Lunch with Michelin chef Carlo Cracco
Nov 30 Partner Event: IBrookes Ball
Dec 03 Christmas Party and Networking @Katie O'Shea's
Dec 11 Christmas Party with Moet Hennessy @MH Private Bar
Dec 16 Globus Music Presents Handel's Messiah
Dec 19 Discover Mauritius with Us


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